Thank You
Erik Lingvall                                      The Catapult - Acting Classes
John Parsonson                                Acting Lessons and Private Coaching
Ricky Wayne                                     On-Camera Audition Technique - Private Lessons
Kathy Laughlin ICasting Kids            Ms Jannette Sepwa for Acting Classes
Sergio Haritos                                   MMA Training
Keith Alan at 57th Street Media       Voice Over Lessons

Lucas Martin is full of energy and loves to model and act, loves being in front of the camera and the camera loves him too. He likes to meet and greet with people.  He knows that being on time and following instructions is very important.


Lucas Martin at 57th Street Media with Keith Alan
Lucas Martin at Mixed Martial Arts training
Thank you John Parsonson for the GREAT ACTING lessons, you classes were the best and you are AMAZING teacher.  
Lucas Martin and 
Master Sergio Haritos
Master Sergio Haritos and his teacher Chuck Norris
Lucas Martin and Keith Alan practicing his Voice Over lessons
Thank you Richy Wayne for the Audition Techniques and Private Lessons they help get me started
Ms. Jeannette, I had so lots fun in your class Thank you
My new acting coach Erik Lingvall, thank you for taking me under your wing